Selling Your Home in Southern Litchfield County

It is still a fragile real estate market in Southern Litchfield County. If you want to get your home sold in New Milford, Sherman, Kent, Warren, Washington, Roxbury or Bridgewater, CT, we have the answers. 

Marketing – we have a dedicated team member for marketing your property

Our marketing program is innovative and powerful. We have a team member dedicated to marketing your home to as many potential buyers as possible. It is still a buyers market, attracting more buyers is key to getting your home sold.

What we do, giving you The SPA Treatment

  • We provide intensive internet marketing like no one else does
  • We augment that with traditional marketing
  • We have a team dedicated to getting your home SOLD
  • We use professional photos of your home to showcase in the best light possible
  • We provide monthly market stats to keep you up to date with the current local real estate market

You have about 30 seconds to make that first impression with a buyer. We make it COUNT!

Are you ready to compete in today’s real estate market? We are.

Pricing your home to sell in a buyers market

We are still in a buyers market in Southern Litchfield County. Despite what the national news tells you, real estate is local. Pricing correctly is key to getting your home sold. Here are a few things you should know about pricing your home to sell.

  1. Buyers are very savvy about home prices
  2. Homes that are priced too high sit on the market and become stale, unsold listings

In order to attract buyers you need to price your home according to

  1. Local market conditions
  2. The condition of your home
  3. The location of your home

We will provide you with the most up to date data to arrive at the correct listing price for your home to attract today’s savvy buyer.

Getting you and the house ready for showings

We will go over the house with you and suggest what you might want to do, move, paint, clean, de-clutter, etc. Sometimes we can’t see beyond our own clutter, or figure out what needs to be done. The task can feel insurmountable, but we are here to help!

Explaining and picking the best way for agents to show your home to perspective buyers is another thing. You may have pets that could cause a challenge, The SPA Team is well versed in pets and are a pet friendly real estate team!