Marketing Your Southern Litchfield County Home

Why is marketing my home so important?
We use professional photos to showcase your home in the best light possible.
We use professional photos to showcase your home.

Two very basic and important facts about buyers.

    1. More than 50% of buyers have already picked the home they want to buy before contacting a real estate agent.
    2. Buyers are online a full 10 weeks searching for homes before they contact a real estate agent.

How does that affect what we do in our marketing program?

  • We have ONLY 30 seconds to engage a possible buyer for your home online. Count out thirty seconds, it really isn’t a long time. We make sure your home is presented to as many buyers as possible online, in the best light possible using all the best tools available.
  • We use only professional photos of your home. We do not use a cell phone to take photos, or a small point and shoot camera. Our photos are taken by a professional and they show.
  • We use online flyers that aggregate to all the popular websites buyers are searching homes for sale.
  • We blog about our listings.
  • We use social media to push your home even further out on the internet.
  • We utilize the power of YouTube, the most searched site on the internet.
  • We use “text to”sign riders that allow a potential buyer to pull up our full color brochure of your home instantly on their cell phone.

As a result of these things and more, buyers will be able to drill down to specific detail and find your home on the first page of Google and other popular search engines. This is very important because they often leave sites that feature homes for sale to drill down to exactly what they are looking for.

  • Specific locations
  • Certain amenities
  • Amount of bedrooms/baths
  • Specific style of a home
  • Price range of homes 

Of course we use traditional marketing methods. We use print media, we place your home on both multiple listing services that cover the State of Connecticut, we present your home to local real estate agents for them to view, public open houses (if you will allow us to do them), signage and more.

We have a full time marketing person in the team. One agent who is devoted to marketing your home and knows her stuff! We don’t know of any other agent or team in the area that knows how to do this.